Daronmont Technologies is pleased to announce a significant contract award by Lockheed Martin Canada to supply communications band DF systems for the Royal Canadian Navy.  Daronmont’s CommSECA Communication Detection System (CDS) will be fitted to the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) fleet and follows the successful completion of a similar project for the Royal New Zealand Navy.  Daronmont will supply six systems to Lockheed Martin Canada over the next three years.

The Daronmont CommSECA CDS is a cost effective RF Communications Search and Direction Finding system that monitors the communications environment for transmissions that are of interest to operational commanders monitoring SAR, illegal fishing activity, smuggling and piracy and the security of Exclusive Economic Zones.  CommSECA detects transmissions of interest and locates them, increasing situational awareness and ability to respond quickly to illegal or life-threatening situations.

Daronmont plans to leverage the success of the Canadian AOPS win to pursue programmes including SEA1179 in Australia and international IPV/OPV programmes.

AOPS is a Government of Canada procurement project for the RCN. The project is expected to equip the Canadian Forces with six naval ice-capable offshore patrol ships able to assert and enforce sovereignty in Canada’s waters where and when necessary, including the Arctic. The first Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship is scheduled to be delivered in 2018.

Daronmont Technologies, together with Irving Shipbuilding and Lockheed Martin Canada, are focused on working with the federal government to continually lower costs and establish the best value solution for Canada while optimizing benefits across the country under the Industrial and Regional Benefit program.

Daronmont Technologies is an Australian Systems Integration SME that operates in the Defense surveillance and electronics sector, with expertise in maritime EW and calibration, over the horizon and passive radar and ruggedized, tactical, deployable ISO cabin based C4ISR systems.  Daronmont designs, manufactures, integrates, operates and supports hardware, software and mechanical systems, systems interfaces and system upgrades.  Daronmont has a 20 year track record of successful delivery and support to military and government customers at home and abroad.

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Border Protection Command (BPC), a division of ACBPS, has recently established a Radar Surveillance System (RSS) at Christmas and Cocos Islands to provide an effective land based maritime radar for detecting relatively small boats across a range of weather conditions and sea states. The purpose of the RSS is to provide an increased level of maritime domain awareness of approaches to the islands.

The RSS is now regarded as an essential border protection capability.  Along with the increased capability, the supporting infrastructure on Christmas Island has been progressively made more robust and permanent.  Daronmont Technologies has recently been awarded the responsibility for in-service support of the Radar Surveillance System on Christmas and Cocos Islands.

Daronmont’s CommSECA product was selected in 2013 by the Royal New Zealand Navy to provide Communication Detection capabilities for its fleet of seven Protector Fleet Ships (in-shore/off-shore patrol vessels and a multi-role vessel).  The project and product have been named Kārearea after the sharp eyed native New Zealand bird of prey. Using the existing legacy antenna fitted to each vessel, Kārearea is being integrated with the Protector Fleet’s Sensor Management System to provide wide area situational awareness of communications transmissions.  Daronmont has invested significant R&D innovation in developing the CommSECA product, an evolution of the KESTREL Communications ESM system which is fitted to the COLLINS Class Submarine.  The new CommSECA design utilises the latest generation of digital receivers and FPGA based signal processing to produce a highly compact and capable product that rapidly searches the communications band identifying and analysing transmissions of interest.  CommSECA is a valuable aid in EEZ monitoring, SAR, illegal fishing and people smuggling detection and is ideally suited to in-shore and off-shore patrol fleets.

The ability to calibrate the Kārearea system with the legacy antennas fitted to the Protector Fleet is critical to the success of this program.  Daronmont engineers have developed improved algorithms to ensure that direction finding accuracy is optimised, gathering test data at test ranges in Australia and overseas to verify performance.  With the first Kārearea system installed on a Protector in-shore patrol vessel Daronmont is manufacturing the remaining systems for installation and calibration across the Protector Fleet over the coming months.



At the recent New Zealand Minister of Defence annual awards dinner in Wellington Daronmont Technologies won the coveted Minister of Defence Award of Excellence to Industry for the Provision of Excellent Equipment to Defence for the Replacement of the Communication Detection System that is being acquired as part of the Protector Remediation Project.

The award was assessed on the following criteria:

  • Provision of superior equipment or services in response to Defence needs
  • Innovation in design, or implementation associated with the supply of equipment or services
  • Excellence on an ongoing basis, especially in the supply of equipment or services to Defence
  • The successful utilisation or development of wider markets from products developed locally for Defence
  • Undertaking of technically advanced activities for Defence
  • Submission of ideas that result in increased efficiency, effectiveness or economy for Defence.

Daronmont’s engineering excellence and professionalism have delivered a system that performs better than expected and will be a valuable addition to the Protector Fleet.

Daronmont will again be exhibiting at this year's Pacific Maritime show at Sydney's Darling Harbour in October:


This year Daronmont will be showcasing it's export ready capabilities in maritime search and communications direction finding using the new ComSECA capability.  Also on show will be TADIL training solutions and our SECAR HF Radar capability.  Please come over and see us on the SA Govt stand.



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