Daronmont’s CommSECA product was selected in 2013 by the Royal New Zealand Navy to provide Communication Detection capabilities for its fleet of seven Protector Fleet Ships (in-shore/off-shore patrol vessels and a multi-role vessel).  The project and product have been named Kārearea after the sharp eyed native New Zealand bird of prey. Using the existing legacy antenna fitted to each vessel, Kārearea is being integrated with the Protector Fleet’s Sensor Management System to provide wide area situational awareness of communications transmissions.  Daronmont has invested significant R&D innovation in developing the CommSECA product, an evolution of the KESTREL Communications ESM system which is fitted to the COLLINS Class Submarine.  The new CommSECA design utilises the latest generation of digital receivers and FPGA based signal processing to produce a highly compact and capable product that rapidly searches the communications band identifying and analysing transmissions of interest.


CommSECA is a valuable aid in EEZ monitoring, SAR, illegal fishing and people smuggling detection and is ideally suited to in-shore and off-shore patrol fleets.

The ability to calibrate the Kārearea system with the legacy antennas fitted to the Protector Fleet is critical to the success of this program.  Daronmon0t engineers have developed improved algorithms to ensure that direction finding accuracy is optimised, gathering test data at test ranges in Australia and overseas to verify performance.