An airbase is a weapon system. The ability of an airbase to generate, launch and recover air missions is dependent on that base’s ability to effectively sustain, recover, coordinate and deliver utilities and services under the full range of operating conditions; including in contested battlespace.

The future Airbase Command and Control Capability System (AC2CS) will fuse digital data feeds from all ten airbase functional activities onto a single Airbase Command Network (AbCOMNET). This will support enhanced decision making and tasking of airbase resources. A dynamically configurable Airbase Information Exchange will enable bi-directional data exchange to facilitate tasking, reporting and situational awareness between airbases and the broader ASOC2CS.


Combat Support Group is working with Daronmont Technologies to develop the system architecture and open architecture concepts for the Airbase Command Network. The functional brief includes requirements for the network to operate across multiple bearers and multiple information security domains, with the capability for local bi- directional transfer of information between security domains.