Daronmont has delivered the Passive Experimental Transportable Radar (PETRA) system to DST Group.  PETRA improves DST Group’s ability to deploy Passive Radar research systems, providing an advanced Passive Radar in a containerised solution that facilitates classified operations and enables multiple receive site integration and fusion experimentation.  The radar system is housed in a lightweight, secure shelter that enables the system to be deployed for trials and experimentation to remote locations around Australia on land or sea, and abroad. PETRA is designed to be transportable by air (C-17, C-130), road or sea.


Daronmont’s latest generation lightweight air transportable shelter design forms the basis for the PETRA Operation Shelter. The shelter complies with the ISO 20’ shipping footprint and can be transported by road, air and maritime transport. To maintain TEMPEST control the shelter is designed to provide shielding effectiveness in excess of 60dB from 400kHz to 10GHz.

To simplify transportation the shelter has been specifically designed so that all peripheral equipment, e.g. air conditioners, antennas, masts and the generator, can be securely stowed in the shelter during transit.

A Commercialisation Agreement in place with DST Group will allow both parties to mature the capability in partnership with users, such as the Army’s 16th Air Land Regiment, the Army’s only ground-based air defence unit.