In response to the Royal Australian Air Force need to produce an interim solution for an integrated air surveillance picture for the Air Defence Ground Environment, Daronmont submitted a proposal and won the contract to produce a surveillance system known as WARDEN (Wide Area Regional Defence Environment Network).


WARDEN involved the integration of multiple sensor tracks using the Solipsys (now Raytheon Solipsys) Multi-Source Correlator Tracker (MSCT) product. This software was coupled with the Solipsys Tactical Display Framework (TDF) product to provide an integrated air picture.  Tools were developed to allow system users to manage data from external agencies as an aid in performing track identification.  The WARDEN system was installed and system tested at Regional Operations Centres (ROC) located in NSW and the Northern Territory.


Some of the tasks performed on the project include:

Analysis of customer requirements to develop system and subsystem requirements and design which included computer network and software architecture;

COTS software to provide key tracking and display functions was sourced by Daronmont from Solipsys (US);

Design of software components that permitted integration of Australian sensors and agencies with the Solipsys (MSCT);

Design of Java plugins that extended functionality of the Solipsys Tactical Display Framework (TDF) HMI to meet the requirements of the Australian operators;

Design of a database schema for a COTS SQL based database that managed persistent system data;

Development of plans and test procedures for system integration, qualification and site acceptance testing with RAAF representatives, and

Preparation of user and maintainer documentation.

The WARDEN contract resulted in the development of an indigenous air surveillance capability which provides the RAAF with a correlated air picture, essential to Australia’s air defence. The development of the WARDEN system resulted in solutions that have also been incorporated by Daronmont into other more recent projects such as Project Air5333 Vigilare and MCRC.

The WARDEN system involved a 3 year support period which was extended for a further two years.

The ROCs used WARDEN for 8 years, with Daronmont providing on-site support and software maintenance and upgrades over the life of the system. The WARDEN system is currently still in use in the MCRC located at 114MCRU in Darwin.