CommSECA (surface vessels) and Kestrel (COLLINS Class submarine) represent Daronmont’s cost effective RF Communications Surveillance and Direction Finding system that monitors the EM spectrum for transmissions of interest.  Specifically designed and built for para-military or military applications using the latest in receiver and signal processing technology,  CommSECA and Kestrel are especially suitable for monitoring SAR, illegal fishing activity, smuggling and piracy and the security of Exclusive Economic Zones.

Operating autonomously or with the guidance of a trained EW operator, CommSECA and Kestrel detect, intercept and locate transmissions of interest for viewing on your platform’s Situational Awareness display.  Searching the communication band, CommSECA and Kestrel can passively track multiple transmissions, increasing your awareness and ability to respond quickly to illegal or life-threatening situations.



Search and Analysis Features

General or Directed Search – Increase your POI when you know which frequencies and bearing sectors to survey

Configurable Signal Detection – Supports operations in blue water and littoral RF environments

Signal Intercept – Signal recogniser and demodulators for various transmission types

Direction Finding Features

Adaptable Antenna Interface – Keep your existing antenna or select from a range of military and commercial grade options

High Accuracy – Fully calibrated for equipment, antenna and platform effects

Scalable – Optional dedicated DF channels to allow simultaneous operations in both Search and DF modes