Deployable C4I and Laboratory Systems Supporting the Australian Defense Force


Daronmont has been designing and supplying high quality ISO shelters to the ADF and Primes for over 10 years.  In-service customers and current programs include:

  • Mobile Regional Operations Centre for Air Force
  • Deployable Planning Facility for Army
  • Woomera Range Control Centre for Air Force
  • DDAMTCS Air Traffic Control solution for Air Force
  • LAND154 CIED WTI solution for Army
  • LAND19 7B Fire Distribution Centre for Army.


  • Dimensionally compliant with AS 3711:2000 for ISO container: 20ft, 4m and 10ft
  • Shelter Tare Weight: 1500kg (20ft)
  • Shelter Gross Weight: 6000kg (20ft)
  • Custom design including:
    • Internal compartments
    • Integrated air conditioners.
  • RFI-EMI Shielding in excess of 60dB up to 10GHz tested and certified to MIL-STD-285
  • Shelter integration of customer equipment including:
    • Shock and vibration mounting
    • ICT infrastructure including classified networks
    • HMI analysis for Operator workspace
    • Structural analysis including FEA
    • Environmental controls and air-conditioning analysis
    • Acoustics analysis and system design.
  • Transportable via Road and Rail
  • Air Transportable via:
    • C-17 Globemaster
    • C130 Hercules
    • CH-47D Chinook underslung
  • Certified for CSC sea transport top load.


Verification & Validation:

Formal testing of software against specified requirments.