Daronmont understands the importance of Through Life Support to our Defence customers that:

– Ensures that the required safety, quality and capability of the Customer systems are maintained

– Minimises our Customer’s costs of maintaining and supporting its’ systems, and

– Maintains and enhances appropriate skill sets and capabilities within both the Customer organisation and Daronmont.


Daronmont Sustainment experience and expertise covers the full spectrum of Through Life Support, including:

– Engineering Support

– Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Management

– Publications and Documentation,

– Spares Warehousing and Management

– Training

– Defect Investigation and Resolution

– Obsolescence Management


Daronmont and our key support sub-contractors provide significant support for Defence EW and Surveillance systems at home and overseas.  Daronmont provides comprehensive and sustainable support for the Mobile Regional Operations Centre (MROC) and is intimately aware of the functionality and support requirements of this system.  Through Raytheon, Daronmont provides ongoing support for Submarine EW systems.  The Daronmont Team leverages existing training capabilities within Defence to reduce the overall training requirement and associated training costs to CASG.  Daronmont and its partners provide valuable support to the technical publications and training support elements of our Defence systems.

The Daronmont Team is able to meet the Maximum ROE requirements of supported systems by utilising existing surge capabilities within its’ supply chain.  For over seven years supporting Defence systems Daronmont has honed its’ processes and workforce to provide a responsive and skilled team ensuring the highest possible availability of our systems to Australian war fighters.  This has included fitting work into extremely short notice windows of opportunity for upgrades and enhancements and providing surge capacity when required.

Daronmont Technologies focuses on meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  Our high level of performance is reflected in our strong CASG Scorecard results.  Daronmont has been consistently benchmarked through the CASG Scorecard process amongst the top ten companies supporting Defence.

Daronmont – “We develop great solutions that inspire our customers and invigorate our people.”

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