Daronmont offers a one-stop shop for the design and supply of custom deployable shelters.  New shelters can be fabricated in steel, aluminium or composite to meet specific requirements or your existing shelters can be refurbished to extend their operational life.  Shelters are designed and modelled using 3D CAD to provide early design visualisation and ensure first build success.  Shelters can be delivered with or without internal racks and equipment packaging.  Fully certified Daronmont shelters are now in operational service with the RAAF.

Product Features


Custom Cabin Design, Build & Fitout

– Design and manufacture of transportable shelters for military and commercial applications.

– Internal shelter equipment packaging design into racks, designed to meet critical transport, security, power, HMI and performance requirements.

– 20ft, 13ft, 10ft Off the Shelf Designs

Cabin Refurbishment

– Extend the life of legacy cabins by refurbishing internal equipment, shelter structure and internal / external finishes.

Environmental Control

– Shelters can be equipped with Air Conditioner units to meet temperature and humidity requirements of equipment and personnel. The Air Conditioners can be mounted internal or external to the ISO container envelope.

Transport Certification

– Shelter can be certified for air, helo-lift, sea, land and rail transportation.

– Proven transportability with C17 Globemaster, C130 Hercules, CH-47D Chinook, rail and road.

Security / Safety Accreditation

– Physical security design and documentation IAW Defence Security Authority requirements. Information and Communication Technologies security accreditation program IAW Information Assurance (IA) requirements.

– System safety programs to meet military and commercial safety standards, eg MIL‑STD‑882.


– Shelters can be designed and certified for compliance with RFI-EMI shielding requirements, in excess of 60dB.